• Michelle Fisher

Michelle Fisher Fine Art Is Going Eco

I’ve ditched the green recyclable bubble wrap for eco friendly paper bubble wrap & recycled corrugated paper wrap as an alternative.

I have always told my customers the bubble wrap I used is recyclable, but the only problem is every council seems to have different regulations & not all will except it for recycling!

After looking how much the business had used in the past year I was worried the majority of the bubble wrap was going to landfill, so I’m in hope that now moving to these products as my alternative there’s a much higher chance it will now be recycled and excepted by every council in the country.

A big concern of mine for you as valid customers is protection of purchase when posting & I hope these products will be up to the task of traveling? You may find some purchasing will still have a small amount of the “green“ bubble wrap or bubble wrap which has been passed on to me to reuse, this will be greatly decreased though.

As my business grows the amount of packaging increases & I’d like to make my little art world as plastic free as possible.

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